"The Silvia"
Named "The Silvia" for the woman who inspired me to make this stand for a wedding cake. Of course it could be used for any special occasion--for a cake, cupcakes, appetizers, or even to showcase a pretty potted plant. Whatever the display, this stand raises it off the table, which always makes things look more special. The large plate has a low scalloped rim. But the entire plate is flat, so it can hold a good-sized cake.

This piece is very stable. The adhesive won't yellow or dry so it will be good for years. This is a very special piece, made with just two pieces of re-purposed glass.

6.5 inches high by 13.5 inches in diameter
Rim is about 1 inch high
Two pieces of re-purposed crystal

This item is available for secure sale through my Etsy.com shop. Please click this link if interested.

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