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Red Red Rose Garden Art


This bright red stand simply sparkles in the sunlight.  Looks pretty darn good inside, too!  The base and top platter are heavily embossed with beautiful roses.  Stands 22 inches tall.  

When I saw this plate embossed with hydrangea flowers, it took me back to my hometown, where the stately homes on main street were landscaped with hydrangea bushes.  Their big snowball flowers ranged from pink to purple to blue.  So pairing this deep purple glass vase with the plate seemed a natural.  The gentle slope of the plate makes it ideal for a bird bath or bird feeder.  A beautiful addition to a garden. 

When the sun touches the purple glass, it lights up with a rich, deep hue.  Beautiful.  

Measures 20 inches tall x 14.5 inch diameter.  Weighs 13 pounds

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"The Cheryl"


Birdbath or bird feeder.  Garden focal point. "The Cheryl" is made with eight pieces of vintage and abandoned glass.  
23 inches high
14" diameter round

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"The Senator"

View from the bottom of the base
Glorious, stately, crystal pedestal is very, very substantial, hence the name, "The Senator." In fact the base is a re-purposed Senate ashtray, yes, the US Senate. It has the US Senate seal on it! Don't worry, I came by it legitimately. But what a conversation piece! The plate is gently scooped and is etched with bouquets of hydrangea. How beautiful would it be in a grand foyer with a bouquet of flowers cascading down the pedestal or in a garden for the birds.
19 inches tall
14 inches diameter
1 1/4" slope depth of plate
17 pounds 4.1 ounces
Made with five pieces of re-purposed glass


"The Sandra"
This deep-blue pedestal stand can be used indoors our out.  It is sturdy enough to hold a large wedding cake, potted plant, or flower arrangements.  Also would be a good side table.
Plate has two-inch rim.
13" diameter
Five pieces of re-purposed glass.


"The Georgia"
21" tall x 14" diameter
7 pieces of re-purposed glass

SOLD - Thank you!


"The Celestine"

Measures 16" tall 
Diameter 14" 
Weights 6 lbs. 8 oz.
Sold - thank you!


"The Ainsley"
Love the birds? Treat them right with this gem of a bird bath or bird feeder. Amethyst purple pedestal complements the colors of a garden as it catches the sun. Great assembled art sculpture to enhance your garden or lawn. 
21" tall x 13" diameter
2" rim on plate
14 pounds 1 ounce
Sold - thank you!


"The Caroline"
This gorgeous deep blue pedestal stand could be the highlight of your garden. With the grace of a ballerina, it is tall and stately. Whether you put it out for the birds or to display your favorite plant, it will add elegance and grace to your garden or lawn. Deep blue. "The Caroline" is assemblage art made with repurposed upcycled glass. 
Measures 22" tall x 16" diameter
10 pounds 12 ounces
In private collection.

"The Marie"

"The Marie"

This tall, elegant, commanding pedestal stand is very substantial and heavy.  Some of the pieces are crystal. It would be spectacular at a wedding--to display a large flower arrangement or to hold the gift cards or. . . 
When I was growing up, the main street in my little town was lined with large stone mansions with wide front porches. It seemed that in every yard there was a big hydrangea plant resplendent with big blue hydrangea flowers. The plate on this pedestal stand has those same big flowers etched into it. Because it brings back to me such childhood memories, I named this"The Marie," after my favorite woman friend who lived in one of those big houses.
17" tall x 14.5" diameter plate slopes 1" to center
12 pounds 1 ounce
5 pieces of re-purposed glass and crystal
Sold - thank you!


Beautiful bird bath or feeder made with upcycled glass.  Garden art.  Glass garden totem.
"The Carly"
18 inches tall x plate is 13.5" diameter with a 1" scalloped rim.
SOLD - thank you!


Beautiful blue bird bath garden art.  Contemporary garden art made with upcycled repurposed glass.
"The Jenny"

21" tall x 14-1/2" diameter. Plate has 1/2" rim.
Weighs 11 lbs. 14 oz.
SOLD - Thank you!


Pedestal cake stand.  Wedding cake plate.  "The Jane" is made with vintage glass repurposed upcycled for cake stands.
"The Jane"
A blue and gold cake stand sounds like the perfect decoration for a Navy wedding. And it could be. But it is also just a sharp color combination! The six-sided base has eight-pointed stars like the mariner's compass. The blue is deep, rich, and opaque. And the plate has gold-plated arrows, pointing in the directions of where life may take you. Made with five pieces of abandoned glass, rescued and given a new life.
19.5 inches tall
14" diameter plate with an ever so slight slope of 1/2"


Garden art.  Bird bath.  Bird feeder.  "The Penelope" is made with repurposed upcycled glass.
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Garden art.  Bird bath.  Bird feeder.  "The Penelope" is made with repurposed upcycled glass.
Graceful and tasteful garden art. The base is solid glass. The plate is so beautiful and graceful with an ever-so-slight slope--perfect for a bird bath.
20.5" tall x 15.5" diameter
8 lbs. 14 oz.


Garden art.  Bird bath.  Bird feeder.   "The April" is made with repurposed upcycled glass
"The April"
18" tall x 14" diameter
weighs 8 lb s. 14 oz.


Garden art.  Bird bath. Bird feeder.  "The Marnie" is assembled art made with repurposed glass. Garden totem.
"The Marnie"
17.5" tall x 13.5 diameter plate
9.6 pounds
SOLD - Thank you!


Mauve pink pedestal stand.  Wedding cake plate stand. Vintage cake plate stand. "The Katlyn" is made with repurposed glass.
"The Katlyn"
 The rose-of-sharon center globe has a luminescence that is breath taking.
19" tall x 13.5" plate diameter
11.9 pounds


Tall, elegant, sophisticated, and gracious bird bath.  "The Marissa" is garden art sculpture made with repurposed glass.  Upcycled art.
"The Marissa"
22.5 inches tall x 14" diameter
13.5 pounds
Not available for sale.