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Every house can use a small pedestal stand at the ready for cake, cookies, fruit, or . . . .? Why not make it a really pretty presentation? This ReCreation is made with a designer candle holder. Yes, it's engraved with the designer's name and a reclaimed vintage plate.

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I had fruit on my counter and it was rolling around. I put it on a plate like this, and viola! it looked so pretty. The fruit won't last long with such a pretty presentation. This ReCreation would make a lovely gift for a friend or for yourself!

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Bright Red Plate Stand


    When everything on the table is flat, why not raise up something special?                Perfect for a birthday cake or cupcakes.

Lilly-of-the-Valley Pedestal Cake Plate

Why would you want it to place a pretty cake on a flat plate? This lovely stand helps you bring attention to whatever you want to display--whether it is a pretty cake or cheese and crackers or . . . . Lilly of the valley flowers emboss the vase pedestal, roses are delicately etched on the plate.  10 inches tall x 14.5 inches in diameter.

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Large Serving Platter

Do you find your food displays look flat? Take a tip from caterers--they vary the height of their food displays. A little height variation can make a buffet look more sophisticated and the food more desirable. This vintage platter with its beautiful swirled embossed plate is seven inches high and can handle a large display of finger food, cookies, cheese and crackers, or other appetizers.
Measures 15 x 16.5 inches. Stands 7 inches high. Weighs 6 pounds 5 ounces.
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Mini Cake/Cupcake Server


This small server is made of two pieces of re-purposed glass. The red pebble pedestal perfectly complements the green flower plate. The plate has some wear on it so care must be given when washing. Please wash gently.

Measures 8.5 inches in diameter and is 5 inches tall. 

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"The Clarissa" Cake or Cookie Server


"The Clarissa" is a lovely piece that is so versatile. I have a similar one and use it all the time. When I have guests, whether a simple luncheon or a more formal dinner party, it is always used. If a guest brings cookies, it is the first piece that comes out. It just makes a lovely display and gives dignity to whatever is placed on it. It would make a lovely wedding gift. Could be used as a unity candle holder and then for a lifetime in the newlywed's household.
7.5" tall        11.5" diameter

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"The May"
 Treats look even more appealing when they are raised off the table.  It seems like you are saying, "please, have one."  That little bit of extra care makes them seem so much more special.  This beautiful pedestal plate is perfect for a small cake, a large cupcake, or cookies.  

"The May" is made with three pieces of upcycled/re-purposed glass.  The pedestal is a very unusual crystal candle holder.  On top of that is a mini candle holder in the shape of a star.  The plate is engraved with the name Fostoria.

7 1/2 inch tall x 11 1/4 inch diameter
weighs 3 pounds


"The Achilles"
custom order
7" tall
11" diameter
3 lbs. 6 oz.


"The Nancy"
Good caterers know to present food at varying heights, which creates sophistication and appeal to a buffet. This graceful pedestal server is just the right height to attract attention to a special food or dessert. The bright clear red base is eye catching--perfect for a holiday setting. Holly leaves and berries form an embossed wreath on the plate, which has a one-inch rim.

8 inches tall
14" diameter 
6 pounds 12 oz.
Made with two pieces of re-purposed glass


Double Deck Server

Measures 8.5 inches tall.  Diameter of lower plates is 14 inches; upper plate is 11" 
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Purple Tulip Pedestal Stand
Measures 13.5" high x 14" diameter plate.
5 pieces of re-purposed glass
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"The Alisha"
This is such a lovely pedestal stand. It is of medium dimensions, at least compared to some of my other creations. This would be a beautiful display for a special occasion cake, to highlight a lovely plant or just an pretty adornment for your home. The central pedestal is an appealing, quiet opaque pale green. 
15" tall
13.5" diameter plate flat to a scallop around the perimeter
weighs 7 pounds 15 ounces
Made with five pieces of re-purposed glass

"The Marie"

"The Marie"

This tall, elegant, commanding pedestal stand is very substantial and heavy.  Some of the pieces are crystal. It would be spectacular at a wedding--to display a large flower arrangement or to hold the gift cards or. . . 
When I was growing up, the main street in my little town was lined with large stone mansions with wide front porches. It seemed that in every yard there was a big hydrangea plant resplendent with big blue hydrangea flowers. The plate on this pedestal stand has those same big flowers etched into it. Because it brings back to me such childhood memories, I named this"The Marie," after my favorite woman friend who lived in one of those big houses.
17" tall x 14.5" diameter plate slopes 1" to center
12 pounds 1 ounce
5 pieces of re-purposed glass and crystal
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Snowman cake plate or food server

13 inch diameter plate
13 inches tall
6 pieces of re-purposed glass


Victorian-style food server
When my daughter was married, someone warned me that the caterer I had hired presented a "flat" table. It didn't mean much to me at the time. Until I saw it. Yikes. Everything, and I mean EVERY DISH was set flat on the table. And you know if you’re standing, you have to look way down to see the food from the top. How boring and uninspired. That's when I realized how important it is to vary the height of dishes for food presentation. Now, whenever I put food out for my guests, I always vary the height of the serving dishes. If I have enough food variety, I try for low, medium, and high. It makes my guest's food selections so much more appealing. So learn from my mistake--never be accused of having a "flat" table!

This Victorian-style pedestal food server has a low profile, but not FLAT. And because the plate is so large and it can hold a lot, it is appropriate that it has a lower profile It is five and a half inches high, and gets the plate off the table just right to put toward the front of your food display.

So if you go to all the trouble to prepare food for your guests, don’t you want it to look its best? This plate has divisions that make it perfect to present any kind of finger food. . . appetizers. . . cheese and crackers. . . small desserts. . . vegetables and dip. . . . you can honor the divisions on the plate or ignore them as I have shown in the photo with all the vegetables. I love this piece. If it doesn’t sell fast, I may just have to keep it for myself!

14" diameter
5.5" tall
2 pieces of re-purposed glass and crystal
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Pedestal cake stand.  Wedding cake plate.  "The Jane" is made with vintage glass repurposed upcycled for cake stands.
"The Jane"
A blue and gold cake stand sounds like the perfect decoration for a Navy wedding. And it could be. But it is also just a sharp color combination! The six-sided base has eight-pointed stars like the mariner's compass. The blue is deep, rich, and opaque. And the plate has gold-plated arrows, pointing in the directions of where life may take you. Made with five pieces of abandoned glass, rescued and given a new life.
19.5 inches tall
14" diameter plate with an ever so slight slope of 1/2"


Wedding cake stand.  Plant stand.  Side table.  Very large and sturdy.  "The Bertha" is made with upcycled repurposed glass.
"The Bertha"
 "The Bertha" stands 20.5" high. The plate is 16.5" diameter. And it weighs a little over 14 pounds.
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