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Big Blue Glass Totem


Catching the sun, this glass totem sparkles!! The aurora borealis finish at the top fractures the sunlight into a rainbow of colors. Sooooo beautiful in your entryway or garden. A great statement piece in a grand foyer.

20 Inches tall x 11.5 inches diameter.
Weighs almost 8 pounds

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When I saw this plate embossed with hydrangea flowers, it took me back to my hometown, where the stately homes on main street were landscaped with hydrangea bushes.  Their big snowball flowers ranged from pink to purple to blue.  So pairing this deep purple glass vase with the plate seemed a natural.  The gentle slope of the plate makes it ideal for a bird bath or bird feeder.  A beautiful addition to a garden. 

When the sun touches the purple glass, it lights up with a rich, deep hue.  Beautiful.  

Measures 20 inches tall x 14.5 inch diameter.  Weighs 13 pounds

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Red Princess Totem


For a votive candle?  To hold jewelry?  A catch-all dish?  Guest soap in a powder room?  For bird seed? Maybe you can think of other uses for this delicate piece.  Made with four pieces of re-purposed/upcycled glass.
Measures 6 inches in diameter x 8 inches tall.
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Green and Blue Totems


These pieces of assembled sculpture can be many different things--candle holder, garden art,  bird feeders, ring holder . . .  How about a hostess gift?
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Green totem:

Blue totem:

Garden or Memorial Angel


Angels aren't just for Christmas anymore. With this angel you can memorialize a loved one. It can be placed in your garden, tucked among your potted plants, or in a container at your front entrance. Whatever her prayer, I hope it comes true. It sparkles in the sun and draws attention to your garden.
To display this crystal angel, insert a garden stake or dowel into the opening at the bottom.  Please provide your own garden stake or dowel, both of which are readily available for very little cost at garden centers.
The whole creation is 17" high x 6" inches in diameter.
Made with three pieces of re-purposed glass.

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Big Heavy Blue Totem


A substantial assembled sculpture made of re-purposed/upcycled glass. The center is cobalt blue glass, not painted glass. The base is a solid crystal designer-engraved bowl. Would be beautiful in a garden, on the stairs of a porch, or as a statement piece in a grand foyer.
Measures 19.5 inches tall, 9-inch diameter, and weighs over 11 pounds. Very heavy for its size.

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Red Glass Flower


This glass flower is always in bloom and ready to delight. Made with a Federal glass petal design plate, a deep ruby plate, a saucer and a candle holder. Just insert a rebar, readily available at big box hardware stores, into the rubber holder at the back. You can make it the right height for your garden.

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Trio of Mushrooms
Classical garden wisdom says that every garden should have little surprises. Well, imagine the surprise of finding these whimsical mushrooms tucked away among the foliage. Or along a serene path. Each is made with two pieces of re-purposed glass--a bud vase and upturned bowl or saucer.

This set of three mushrooms can be used indoors or out. The adhesive won't yellow, dry, or crack.

Tallest measures 10" x 6.5"
Medium measures 7" x 5.5"
Shortest measures 5" x 5"
Weighs a little over 4 pounds


Trumpeter Angel

Angels aren't just for Christmas anymore. This angel is for your garden, tucked among your potted plants, or in a container at your front entrance. Whether it trumpets a welcome, a blessing of good weather, or for a riot of blooms in your garden, she brings the promise of good things to come. It is a disarming sun catcher, that offers the viewer an element of delight.

The angel stands on top of an inverted embossed saucer. You can insert a garden stake or dowel in the bud vase to place it among plants. Please provide your own garden stake or dowel, both of which are readily available at garden centers.

The angel alone is 5.5 inches high. The whole creation is 15" high.
Made with three pieces of re-purposed glass.


"Stately garden angel"

17.5 inches high x 7 inches diameter
2 pounds 3 ounces


Littlest Angel for your garden
This littlest angel has won my heart. I hope it will win over yours as well. The cherub is playing an instrument heralding in the Spring...or maybe announcing something in bloom.

It is a charming sun catcher, offering an element of surprise in your garden. I've tried it indoors and out, and it looks great among plants in the ground or in a pot.

The crystal cherub stands on top of an intricately embossed bowl. You can insert a garden stake or dowel in the bud vase (which has a rainbow aurora borealis finish) to place it among plants.

This would make a lovely and unique gift for Mother's Day. It can be shipped promptly. Priority mail only takes one to three days.

11.5 inches tall
5.5 inches in diameter
15 ounces


"The Celestine"

Measures 16" tall 
Diameter 14" 
Weights 6 lbs. 8 oz.
Sold - thank you!


"The Caroline"
This gorgeous deep blue pedestal stand could be the highlight of your garden. With the grace of a ballerina, it is tall and stately. Whether you put it out for the birds or to display your favorite plant, it will add elegance and grace to your garden or lawn. Deep blue. "The Caroline" is assemblage art made with repurposed upcycled glass. 
Measures 22" tall x 16" diameter
10 pounds 12 ounces
In private collection.


Master gardeners know that the element of surprise is what makes a garden delightful. Well, who would ever expect a giant white mushroom or two in your garden?  Made with milk glass.  The upturned bowls
are perfectly suited to this purpose.  The one on the left creates a flower; the other is deeply carved. 
Left: 9" tall x 7.5" in diameter, weights slightly over one pound.    
Right: 9.5 Inches tall x 8 inches in diameter, 3 pounds 4 ounces.   


These are just wonderful little surprises nestled into the low foliage.
Tallest is 9 1/2"
Medium is 6 1/2"
Shortest is 6 1/4


Gorgeous glass amethyst garden art flower or candle holder made with repurposed upcycled glass.
"Ever-lasting" glass flower OR candle holder

 11 inches in diameter
3.5 inches high
5 pounds 6 ounces
Sold - thank you!


Beautiful bird bath or feeder made with upcycled glass.  Garden art.  Glass garden totem.
"The Carly"
18 inches tall x plate is 13.5" diameter with a 1" scalloped rim.
SOLD - thank you!


Light blue scalloped flower candle holder centerpiece

12 inch in diameter, 3 inches in height
Four pieces of re-purposed glass.
Sold - thank you!


Ever-blooming blue flower

This 8 1/2" flower is made with five layers of re-purposed glass. 
Sold - thank you!