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Whimsical Mushrooms. Garden Art.

Here's a little whimsy for your garden.  Not just one, but two mushrooms made with abandoned glass.  Sure, each is just a vase with an inverted bowl, but wouldn't you agree there is an element of whimsy? Each has glass buttons to add some weight.
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Aqua flower earring caddy
6 1/4" tall
6" diameter
Made with three pieces of re-purposed glass and crystal.

Sold - thank you!


Garden art. Glass totems. Mushrooms.  Milkglass.  "Trio of white mushrooms" made from upcycled repurposed glass.
Trio of white mushrooms
Tallest is 9" tall x 9" diameter
Medium is 9" tall x 7" diameter
Smallest is 6.5" tall x 5" diameter
Total weight: 4 lbs. 4 oz.
SOLD - Thank you!


Garden art. Glass totems.  Trio of Mushrooms made with repurposed glass. Garden art decor.
"Trio of Mushrooms"
Tallest is 8"
Medium is 6.5"
Shortest is 4"
Total weight: 4" 1 oz.
Sold - thank you!


Garden art.  "Anticipation" is whimsical assembled glass sculpture made with repurposed glass.

Remember the anticipation of that first kiss? This assembled sculpture captures the moment as two porcelain cherubs close their eyes and pucker up for their first kiss.
Sometimes I buy pieces when I cruise the thrift shops and I don’t know what the heck I’m going to do with them, hoping inspiration will strike.  I found the cherubs and thought they were kinda cute.  But I’m not a person who accumulates “cute things.”  But there was something about the youthful anonymity of these cherubs that captured me.  Maybe their upturned faces were expecting the Heavenly Host, but I thought they were anticipating a kiss.  So much for my imagination.  
I also had the big vase which was turning out to be more difficult to use than I thought.  So I turned it upside down and it became the base for the totem.  I find a lot of pretty double candle holders, so I perched the cherubs on one of those.  Then it needed some transition pieces, and voila, I had a whimsical garden totem.  It makes me smile when I look at it.  I hope it does the same for you.

24" tall x 6 1/2" diameter
weighs 6 pounds 15 oz.
6 pieces of re-purposed glass and ceramic pieces
In private collection.


Book end. Paper weight.  "The Mighty Apple" is assembled sculpture made with repurposed glass.
"The Mighty Apple"
Ways to use this whimsical assembled sculpture is left to your imagination. In a kitchen, on a bookcase, as a gift for an educator or nutritionist . . . .   It is made with three pieces of re-purposed glass.  9" tall x 5" diameter.  2 pounds 14 oz.
Sold - thank you!


Garden art trio of mushrooms assembled art.  Made with repurposed upcycled glass.
Trio of mushrooms
A master gardener I know tells me one should be surprised around every bend of a garden walkway.  She probably meant surprised by the plants, but what an unexpected surprise to come upon this trio of glass mushrooms.  Fun in an herb garden.  Whimsical greeting at your entry way to welcome your guests. All that is missing is the gnome.  SOLD - Thank you!


"The Cupcake"
This whimsical piece is made with unusual pieces of glass.  The blue cupcake "paper" is topped with a colorful paperweight for "frosting."
10" tall x 7.5" diameter
Weighs 2.3 pounds
Sold - Thank you!