Every house can use a small pedestal stand at the ready for cake, cookies, fruit, or . . . .? Why not make it a really pretty presentation? This ReCreation is made with a designer candle holder. Yes, it's engraved with the designer's name and a reclaimed vintage plate.

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I had fruit on my counter and it was rolling around. I put it on a plate like this, and viola! it looked so pretty. The fruit won't last long with such a pretty presentation. This ReCreation would make a lovely gift for a friend or for yourself!

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Pedestal Bowl


If it is special enough to serve your family or guests, it is special enough to show off in this pedestal bowl.  Vintage pedestal bowl made with two pieces of repurposed glassware.

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Bright Red Plate Stand


    When everything on the table is flat, why not raise up something special?                Perfect for a birthday cake or cupcakes.

Red Red Rose Garden Art


This bright red stand simply sparkles in the sunlight.  Looks pretty darn good inside, too!  The base and top platter are heavily embossed with beautiful roses.  Stands 22 inches tall.  

Gold "Pleated" Glass Flowers


When I found these glass bowls that actually looked like pleated petals, I knew they would make spectacular glass flowers.  The one on the right is 2-1/2 inches larger than the other one.  These "everlasting flowers" will really catch the sun.  The smaller flower has been sold.

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Moon Glow Flower

This flower blooms even at night.  The white and gold sparkles in the sun or reflects the more subtle glow of the moon.  A lovely addition to any garden.  For additional information:  https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/ReCreationsInGlass/tools/listings/view:table/1055614829

A Sunset in a Flower


Looks like a sunset in a flower.  The unique art glass causes the sunlight to glow from bright yellow to deep orange.  Will need a rebar inserted into the hockey puck at the back to make it to your desired height. 
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Lilly-of-the-Valley Pedestal Cake Plate

Why would you want it to place a pretty cake on a flat plate? This lovely stand helps you bring attention to whatever you want to display--whether it is a pretty cake or cheese and crackers or . . . . Lilly of the valley flowers emboss the vase pedestal, roses are delicately etched on the plate.  10 inches tall x 14.5 inches in diameter.

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