The Mermaid

Glass art totem or yard art made with repurposed glass
The Mermaid
When I saw this vase, just an ordinary vase, I was immediately struck with the intensity of the blue, almost purple color.  It sat in my studio until I found the right combination for it.  The graceful, double scalloped green vase seemed the perfect pairing.  But the two pieces needed to be separated just a bit, which I did with a crystal coaster.  Then it reminded me of a woman in a mermaid skirt—without a head.  Well, I can’t exactly make a head on one of these pieces, so I did the next best thing.   Put on a big hat. The inverted bowl, a candle holder and then another one seemed to top it off just right.
Indoors or out, this curious glass piece will enhance your home.

16 1/4 inch tall x 8 inch diameter
7 piece of re-purposed glass and crystal pieces
6.11 pounds

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