"The Betty"

Vintage pedestal food display stand made with repurposed glass.  Pedestal cake plate.  Cupcake stand.  Upcycled cake plate.
"The Betty"
Apples and pears, grapes and strawberries, oh my! Food images of  times past are embossed all over this creation. Made with two pieces of vintage glassware, this pedestal stand is perfect for ripening fruits or vegetables on the counter, or to present appetizers or sweets when entertaining. Also great for that party with a vintage theme for cupcakes or cake display. Great addition to vintage, shabby chic, or cottage decorating.
14" diameter x 7" tall
Center 12" or so (it is hard to measure this area) is completely flat. One-inch rim.
Weighs 6 lbs. 11 oz.

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