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Red Glass Garden Totem with Bird


very garden needs a bit of a surprise or whimsy. This creation tucked among your plants is just that--a bit of colorful whimsey. Made with abandoned glass that now has a new life as an assembled sculpture. Measures 12" tall x 8" diameter.

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Red Glass Garden Totem Object D'Art


Master gardeners learn every garden needs an element of surprise.  How pretty would this totem be peeking out among your plants?  Made with abandoned glassware--a vintage ashtray, a vase, an upturned bowl, a red glass disk, and who knows what that top knot was in another life.

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Object d'art


This combination of vintage saucers and a bulb vase are assembled to make a new creation, saving the glass for a new purpose. It is beautiful as it is or it can be used to hold potpourri or a votive candle...or some candies...or?  Measures 9 1/4" tall x 6" diameter.  For additional information, please click here.

Wedding or special-occasion cake plate.


This server just screams for a wedding or special occasion cake. Very sturdy. Crystal decanter center. 14" diameter x 11" tall. For additional information please click here.

Pedestal Cake Stand--Great for wedding cake!

Wedding or special occasion cake plate. Pedestal cake plate. 
14" diameter x 16" high. For additional information click here.

Pedestal Bowl


If it is special enough to serve your family or guests, it is special enough to show off in this pedestal bowl.  Vintage pedestal bowl made with two pieces of repurposed glassware.

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Bright Red Plate Stand


    When everything on the table is flat, why not raise up something special?                Perfect for a birthday cake or cupcakes.

Large Serving Platter

Do you find your food displays look flat? Take a tip from caterers--they vary the height of their food displays. A little height variation can make a buffet look more sophisticated and the food more desirable. This vintage platter with its beautiful swirled embossed plate is seven inches high and can handle a large display of finger food, cookies, cheese and crackers, or other appetizers.
Measures 15 x 16.5 inches. Stands 7 inches high. Weighs 6 pounds 5 ounces.
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Red Princess Totem


For a votive candle?  To hold jewelry?  A catch-all dish?  Guest soap in a powder room?  For bird seed? Maybe you can think of other uses for this delicate piece.  Made with four pieces of re-purposed/upcycled glass.
Measures 6 inches in diameter x 8 inches tall.
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Mini Cake/Cupcake Server


This small server is made of two pieces of re-purposed glass. The red pebble pedestal perfectly complements the green flower plate. The plate has some wear on it so care must be given when washing. Please wash gently.

Measures 8.5 inches in diameter and is 5 inches tall. 

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"The Clarissa" Cake or Cookie Server


"The Clarissa" is a lovely piece that is so versatile. I have a similar one and use it all the time. When I have guests, whether a simple luncheon or a more formal dinner party, it is always used. If a guest brings cookies, it is the first piece that comes out. It just makes a lovely display and gives dignity to whatever is placed on it. It would make a lovely wedding gift. Could be used as a unity candle holder and then for a lifetime in the newlywed's household.
7.5" tall        11.5" diameter

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Green and Blue Totems


These pieces of assembled sculpture can be many different things--candle holder, garden art,  bird feeders, ring holder . . .  How about a hostess gift?
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Green totem:

Blue totem:

AB Princess Catch-All


Just for pretty. Aurora Borealis (AB) finish makes this piece glow like a rainbow. The top crown can be used to hold jewelry, a candle, keys, or as a small catch-all dish--even soap flakes in a guest powder room. Fill it with black sunflower seeds and birds will flock to it in your garden!
Made with four pieces of upcycled glass--three saucers and a vase.
Measures 5.5 inches in diameter and stands 9.5 inches tall.  

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Jewelry organizers
Pretty and delicate way to keep your favorite jewelry pieces at hand.  Earrings hang neatly between the points. Others pieces can be stored in the center.  Both are made with re-purposed glass.  Really pretty on a vanity.  
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No more digging around to find those special earrings or rings.  This is a beautiful way to display your earrings and small jewelry so you can see what you have.  Display it on your dresser or dressing room counter, and it catches the light and sparkles along with your jewelry.  The saucers have many points and between the points is a perfect place to hang earrings.  Rings and other small items can find a place elsewhere on the saucers.  The base is very heavy solid crystal so it is stable.  Made with re-purposed items.
7" tall x 6" diameter
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Home decor glass art.  Assembled sculpture.  Glass totem.  Candleholder.  "The Eva" made with repurposed upcycled glass.
"The Eva"
 "The Eva" is a delightful addition to home decor. It can be used for candles or as a catch-all or candy dish. It is made with five pieces of re-purposed glass. The center is opaque white glass. The photograph with the candle is a votive-sized candle.

Height is 10 inches.
Base is 6" diameter. Saucer at top is 8" diameter
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Candle holder.  Glass totem.  Garden art.  Bird feeder. "The Audrey" is made with repurposed glass.  Upcycled art.
"The Audrey"
This endearing creation is a beautiful way to present something--a candle, a cupcake, snacks. . . or to hold your keys as you enter your home.   Earrings could also be hung around the perimeter of the top saucer. Would be pretty on a woman's dresser.

10.5 inches tall
6" diameter
2 lbs. 3 oz.
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Pedestal stand for candle, plant, or food server.  "The Marla" is made with repurposed upcycled glass.
"The Marla
A catch-all dish. . . perfect for candle(s), a small cake, or serving a dessert that deserves special recognition.

11.25" tall x 10" diameter
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