"The Sandra"
This deep-blue pedestal stand can be used indoors our out.  It is sturdy enough to hold a large wedding cake, potted plant, or flower arrangements.  Also would be a good side table.
Plate has two-inch rim.
13" diameter
Five pieces of re-purposed glass.


"The Georgia"
21" tall x 14" diameter
7 pieces of re-purposed glass

SOLD - Thank you!


"The Celestine"

Measures 16" tall 
Diameter 14" 
Weights 6 lbs. 8 oz.
Sold - thank you!


Jewelry organizers
Pretty and delicate way to keep your favorite jewelry pieces at hand.  Earrings hang neatly between the points. Others pieces can be stored in the center.  Both are made with re-purposed glass.  Really pretty on a vanity.  
Sold - Thank you!


Double Deck Server

Measures 8.5 inches tall.  Diameter of lower plates is 14 inches; upper plate is 11" 
Sold - Thank you!


Purple Tulip Pedestal Stand
Measures 13.5" high x 14" diameter plate.
5 pieces of re-purposed glass
Sold - Thank you!


"The Ainsley"
Love the birds? Treat them right with this gem of a bird bath or bird feeder. Amethyst purple pedestal complements the colors of a garden as it catches the sun. Great assembled art sculpture to enhance your garden or lawn. 
21" tall x 13" diameter
2" rim on plate
14 pounds 1 ounce
Sold - thank you!


"The Caroline"
This gorgeous deep blue pedestal stand could be the highlight of your garden. With the grace of a ballerina, it is tall and stately. Whether you put it out for the birds or to display your favorite plant, it will add elegance and grace to your garden or lawn. Deep blue. "The Caroline" is assemblage art made with repurposed upcycled glass. 
Measures 22" tall x 16" diameter
10 pounds 12 ounces
In private collection.


"The Alisha"
This is such a lovely pedestal stand. It is of medium dimensions, at least compared to some of my other creations. This would be a beautiful display for a special occasion cake, to highlight a lovely plant or just an pretty adornment for your home. The central pedestal is an appealing, quiet opaque pale green. 
15" tall
13.5" diameter plate flat to a scallop around the perimeter
weighs 7 pounds 15 ounces
Made with five pieces of re-purposed glass