Red Princess Totem


For a votive candle?  To hold jewelry?  A catch-all dish?  Guest soap in a powder room?  For bird seed? Maybe you can think of other uses for this delicate piece.  Made with four pieces of re-purposed/upcycled glass.
Measures 6 inches in diameter x 8 inches tall.
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Mini Cake/Cupcake Server


This small server is made of two pieces of re-purposed glass. The red pebble pedestal perfectly complements the green flower plate. The plate has some wear on it so care must be given when washing. Please wash gently.

Measures 8.5 inches in diameter and is 5 inches tall. 

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"The Clarissa" Cake or Cookie Server


"The Clarissa" is a lovely piece that is so versatile. I have a similar one and use it all the time. When I have guests, whether a simple luncheon or a more formal dinner party, it is always used. If a guest brings cookies, it is the first piece that comes out. It just makes a lovely display and gives dignity to whatever is placed on it. It would make a lovely wedding gift. Could be used as a unity candle holder and then for a lifetime in the newlywed's household.
7.5" tall        11.5" diameter

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Green and Blue Totems


These pieces of assembled sculpture can be many different things--candle holder, garden art,  bird feeders, ring holder . . .  How about a hostess gift?
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Green totem:

Blue totem:

AB Princess Catch-All


Just for pretty. Aurora Borealis (AB) finish makes this piece glow like a rainbow. The top crown can be used to hold jewelry, a candle, keys, or as a small catch-all dish--even soap flakes in a guest powder room. Fill it with black sunflower seeds and birds will flock to it in your garden!
Made with four pieces of upcycled glass--three saucers and a vase.
Measures 5.5 inches in diameter and stands 9.5 inches tall.  

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Angel Holding Birds


Holding a bird in each hand, this beautifully crafted crystal angel reminds us to care for all God's creatures, large and small. Her image catches and reflects the light. 

Measures 6 x 6 inches. Stands 9 inches tall.

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Garden or Memorial Angel


Angels aren't just for Christmas anymore. With this angel you can memorialize a loved one. It can be placed in your garden, tucked among your potted plants, or in a container at your front entrance. Whatever her prayer, I hope it comes true. It sparkles in the sun and draws attention to your garden.
To display this crystal angel, insert a garden stake or dowel into the opening at the bottom.  Please provide your own garden stake or dowel, both of which are readily available for very little cost at garden centers.
The whole creation is 17" high x 6" inches in diameter.
Made with three pieces of re-purposed glass.

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Big Heavy Blue Totem


A substantial assembled sculpture made of re-purposed/upcycled glass. The center is cobalt blue glass, not painted glass. The base is a solid crystal designer-engraved bowl. Would be beautiful in a garden, on the stairs of a porch, or as a statement piece in a grand foyer.
Measures 19.5 inches tall, 9-inch diameter, and weighs over 11 pounds. Very heavy for its size.

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Red Glass Flower


This glass flower is always in bloom and ready to delight. Made with a Federal glass petal design plate, a deep ruby plate, a saucer and a candle holder. Just insert a rebar, readily available at big box hardware stores, into the rubber holder at the back. You can make it the right height for your garden.

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"The Cheryl"


Birdbath or bird feeder.  Garden focal point. "The Cheryl" is made with eight pieces of vintage and abandoned glass.  
23 inches high
14" diameter round

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