Red and green pedestal plate.


Red and green isn't just for Christmas! This piece is for display all year through! A deep Avon red candleholder holds a vintage flower plate with a red center--a perfect match. The plate does show wear.
5.5 inches tall x 8 inches tall weighs a little over one pound.

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Two-level server, great for cupcakes and finger food!

Pretty glassware to present your food makes it so much more desirable. Isn't food more appealing served on glass rather than Dollar Store plastic or paper? This two-level server is a statement piece that says you take pride in what you are offering your guests, and shows respect for your food. The plentiful space between the two layers provides enough room for highly decorated cupcakes on the lower level or piles of veggies or appetizers.

9 inches tall. 13 inches in diameter. weighs 7 pounds

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Object d'art


This combination of vintage saucers and a bulb vase are assembled to make a new creation, saving the glass for a new purpose. It is beautiful as it is or it can be used to hold potpourri or a votive candle...or some candies...or?  Measures 9 1/4" tall x 6" diameter.  For additional information, please click here.

Wedding or special-occasion cake plate.


This server just screams for a wedding or special occasion cake. Very sturdy. Crystal decanter center. 14" diameter x 11" tall. For additional information please click here.

Pedestal Cake Stand--Great for wedding cake!

Wedding or special occasion cake plate. Pedestal cake plate. 
14" diameter x 16" high. For additional information click here.

Red Glass Garden Totem with Angel.

Master gardeners tell us that every garden needs an element of surprise.  So imagine finding this angel among your plants!  Whether this angel is praying for a loved one or for your beautiful garden, who knows.  But her presence will surely bless whoever has the good fortune of seeing her.  For detail and pricing click here.

Whimsical Mushrooms. Garden Art.

Here's a little whimsy for your garden.  Not just one, but two mushrooms made with abandoned glass.  Sure, each is just a vase with an inverted bowl, but wouldn't you agree there is an element of whimsy? Each has glass buttons to add some weight.
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Medium cake plate for small offerings.


Every house can use a small pedestal stand at the ready for cake, cookies, fruit, or . . . .? Why not make it a really pretty presentation? This ReCreation is made with a designer candle holder. Yes, it's engraved with the designer's name and a reclaimed vintage plate.

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Small pedestal plate with vintage plate.


I had fruit on my counter and it was rolling around. I put it on a plate like this, and viola! it looked so pretty. The fruit won't last long with such a pretty presentation. This ReCreation would make a lovely gift for a friend or for yourself!

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