Snowman cake plate or food server
I saw the adorable little snowman languishing at the local thrift store. Dusty, abandoned, and alone. I just HAD to give him a new life. He sat on my shelf for a long time while I tried to find just the right component parts to give him the respect he deserved. I wanted to put him in a cold environment—but how do you do that with glass? I finally found a piece that mimicked an ice floe. I think it was called a candle “plate.” Then when I put a serving plate on his top hat, it looked like it was squashing him, so I found a spacer to raise the plate a bit. And it seemed a plate with a snow goose would be appropriate company.

I hope this little snowman won’t feel lonely and abandoned any more. Especially if you adopt him for your Holiday table. He would do you proud holding your most special dessert. (What a great hostess gift!)
13 inch diameter plate
13 inches tall
6 pieces of re-purposed glass
This item is available for purchased at my store. Please click this link if interested.

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