Victorian-style food server
When my daughter was married, someone warned me that the caterer I had hired presented a "flat" table. It didn't mean much to me at the time. Until I saw it. Yikes. Everything, and I mean EVERY DISH was set flat on the table. And you know if you’re standing, you have to look way down to see the food from the top. How boring and uninspired. That's when I realized how important it is to vary the height of dishes for food presentation. Now, whenever I put food out for my guests, I always vary the height of the serving dishes. If I have enough food variety, I try for low, medium, and high. It makes my guest's food selections so much more appealing. So learn from my mistake--never be accused of having a "flat" table!

This Victorian-style pedestal food server has a low profile, but not FLAT. And because the plate is so large and it can hold a lot, it is appropriate that it has a lower profile It is five and a half inches high, and gets the plate off the table just right to put toward the front of your food display.

So if you go to all the trouble to prepare food for your guests, don’t you want it to look its best? This plate has divisions that make it perfect to present any kind of finger food. . . appetizers. . . cheese and crackers. . . small desserts. . . vegetables and dip. . . . you can honor the divisions on the plate or ignore them as I have shown in the photo with all the vegetables. I love this piece. If it doesn’t sell fast, I may just have to keep it for myself!

14" diameter
5.5" tall
2 pieces of re-purposed glass and crystal
Sold - Thank you!

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