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Trio of Mushrooms
Classical garden wisdom says that every garden should have little surprises. Well, imagine the surprise of finding these whimsical mushrooms tucked away among the foliage. Or along a serene path. Each is made with two pieces of re-purposed glass--a bud vase and upturned bowl or saucer.

This set of three mushrooms can be used indoors or out. The adhesive won't yellow, dry, or crack.

Tallest measures 10" x 6.5"
Medium measures 7" x 5.5"
Shortest measures 5" x 5"
Weighs a little over 4 pounds


Trumpeter Angel

Angels aren't just for Christmas anymore. This angel is for your garden, tucked among your potted plants, or in a container at your front entrance. Whether it trumpets a welcome, a blessing of good weather, or for a riot of blooms in your garden, she brings the promise of good things to come. It is a disarming sun catcher, that offers the viewer an element of delight.

The angel stands on top of an inverted embossed saucer. You can insert a garden stake or dowel in the bud vase to place it among plants. Please provide your own garden stake or dowel, both of which are readily available at garden centers.

The angel alone is 5.5 inches high. The whole creation is 15" high.
Made with three pieces of re-purposed glass.


"The May"
 Treats look even more appealing when they are raised off the table.  It seems like you are saying, "please, have one."  That little bit of extra care makes them seem so much more special.  This beautiful pedestal plate is perfect for a small cake, a large cupcake, or cookies.  

"The May" is made with three pieces of upcycled/re-purposed glass.  The pedestal is a very unusual crystal candle holder.  On top of that is a mini candle holder in the shape of a star.  The plate is engraved with the name Fostoria.

7 1/2 inch tall x 11 1/4 inch diameter
weighs 3 pounds


"Stately garden angel"

17.5 inches high x 7 inches diameter
2 pounds 3 ounces


Littlest Angel for your garden
This littlest angel has won my heart. I hope it will win over yours as well. The cherub is playing an instrument heralding in the Spring...or maybe announcing something in bloom.

It is a charming sun catcher, offering an element of surprise in your garden. I've tried it indoors and out, and it looks great among plants in the ground or in a pot.

The crystal cherub stands on top of an intricately embossed bowl. You can insert a garden stake or dowel in the bud vase (which has a rainbow aurora borealis finish) to place it among plants.

This would make a lovely and unique gift for Mother's Day. It can be shipped promptly. Priority mail only takes one to three days.

11.5 inches tall
5.5 inches in diameter
15 ounces


"The Senator"

View from the bottom of the base
Glorious, stately, crystal pedestal is very, very substantial, hence the name, "The Senator." In fact the base is a re-purposed Senate ashtray, yes, the US Senate. It has the US Senate seal on it! Don't worry, I came by it legitimately. But what a conversation piece! The plate is gently scooped and is etched with bouquets of hydrangea. How beautiful would it be in a grand foyer with a bouquet of flowers cascading down the pedestal or in a garden for the birds.
19 inches tall
14 inches diameter
1 1/4" slope depth of plate
17 pounds 4.1 ounces
Made with five pieces of re-purposed glass


Aqua flower earring caddy
6 1/4" tall
6" diameter
Made with three pieces of re-purposed glass and crystal.

Sold - thank you!


"The Achilles"
custom order
7" tall
11" diameter
3 lbs. 6 oz.


"The Nancy"
Good caterers know to present food at varying heights, which creates sophistication and appeal to a buffet. This graceful pedestal server is just the right height to attract attention to a special food or dessert. The bright clear red base is eye catching--perfect for a holiday setting. Holly leaves and berries form an embossed wreath on the plate, which has a one-inch rim.

8 inches tall
14" diameter 
6 pounds 12 oz.
Made with two pieces of re-purposed glass