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Candle holder.  Garden totem.  Vintage glass assembled sculpture.  "The Snow Queen" is made with re-purposed glass.
Snow Queen
10.5" tall x 7" diameter at base
SOLD - Thank you!


Victorian style pedestal stand.  Food server.  Food display.  Catch-all dish.  Soap dish. "The Laura" is made with repurposed glass
"The Laura"
As I designed this piece, I was thinking of a novel I read ages ago in which a man traveled to the late 1800s and fell in love with a woman named Laura. It was a simpler time when life was lived by candlelight and the home environment was elegant and beautiful. I can't promise time travel, but "The Laura" is reminiscent of a time of beauty and elegance.  12.5" tall x 10 plate diameter
SOLD - Thank you!


Garden art.  Leaf-shaped bowl.  Bird feeder.  Food server.  Food display.
Leaf-shaped bowl
8" tall. Leaf is 14.75 from tip to end of stem and 13" wide
SOLD - Thank you!


Garden art.  Garden totem.  Candle holder.  "The Sharon" is made with repurposed vintage glass.
"The Sharon"
zoomThis whimsical use of vintage glass is so delicate, indoors or out. The pastel pink center is on a beautiful intricately designed bowl. Likewise, the inverted bowl near the top is also a lovely design. The scalloped, almost pleated saucer at the top can hold odds and ends, keys, or whatever. Works here as a unique candle holder. Would be lovely in any home.  13" tall x 5" diameter at base.  SOLD - Thank you!


Garden art, garden totem, glass suncatchers.  Garden decoration made with repurposed glass.
Butterfly in the bush
13" high x 5.5 diameter at base
2 lbs. 11 oz.
5 pieces of re-purposed glass
SOLD - thank you!

Bi-Level Food Server

Two tier food display.  Food server.  Blue glass seafood server.
Bi-level blue food server
For the seafood lover--or for those who offer the freshest of seafood to their guests. Great buffet server. The glass plates are embossed with shells and sea life.  13.5" diameter x 13" tall, 6 lbs. 2 oz.


Food display stand made with repurposed glass.  Cupcake display stand.  Vintage cupcake plate. "The Diana" is upcycled glass..
"The Diana"
8" high x 12" diameter
weighs 6 pounds 5 oz.
SOLD - Thank you!

"The Betty"

Vintage pedestal food display stand made with repurposed glass.  Pedestal cake plate.  Cupcake stand.  Upcycled cake plate.
"The Betty"
Apples and pears, grapes and strawberries, oh my! Food images of  times past are embossed all over this creation. Made with two pieces of vintage glassware, this pedestal stand is perfect for ripening fruits or vegetables on the counter, or to present appetizers or sweets when entertaining. Also great for that party with a vintage theme for cupcakes or cake display. Great addition to vintage, shabby chic, or cottage decorating.
14" diameter x 7" tall
Center 12" or so (it is hard to measure this area) is completely flat. One-inch rim.
Weighs 6 lbs. 11 oz.

"The Annette"

Pedestal food serving stand. Wedding decor.  Wedding gift. Catch all bowl. Trinket bowl.  Food display stand.  Soap "dish." Garden art.
"The Annette"
Bowl: 11" diameter with 2" depth
Base: 6.5" diameter
Height: 12"
SOLD - Thank you!


Spectacular gold-trimmed wedding cake stand.  Pedestal cake stand or food display stand.  Wedding plate.  Repurposed / upcycled glass.
"The Renee"
12" tall x 12.5" diameter plate
gold trimmed rim
8 pounds 2 oz.
Sold - thank you!

"The Tina"

"The Tina"

 13" high x 13.5" diameter
7.14 pounds (heavy for size)

Sold - thank you!

The Mermaid

Glass art totem or yard art made with repurposed glass
The Mermaid
When I saw this vase, just an ordinary vase, I was immediately struck with the intensity of the blue, almost purple color.  It sat in my studio until I found the right combination for it.  The graceful, double scalloped green vase seemed the perfect pairing.  But the two pieces needed to be separated just a bit, which I did with a crystal coaster.  Then it reminded me of a woman in a mermaid skirt—without a head.  Well, I can’t exactly make a head on one of these pieces, so I did the next best thing.   Put on a big hat. The inverted bowl, a candle holder and then another one seemed to top it off just right.
Indoors or out, this curious glass piece will enhance your home.

16 1/4 inch tall x 8 inch diameter
7 piece of re-purposed glass and crystal pieces
6.11 pounds

"The Ginger"

"The Ginger"
18" tall x 12.5" diameter
Weighs 10.2 pounds
Not available for sale.

"The Ginger" view from above

"The Blue Bonnet"

"The Bluebonnet"
This cobalt blue totem is reminiscent of a Victorian lantern.  It would add color and sparkle to both an indoor or outdoor garden and looks beautiful on its on.   16 inches tall

"The Swan"

This totem is made of 11 pieces of glass of various ages, including some pale coral depression glass.  At the very top is a glass swan.
24 inches tall
Not currently for sale.